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Laurice And Brandon’s Wedding Invitations

Laurice and Brandon’s Wedding Invitations


Laurice and Brandon

What they needed

Wedding invitations to fit both of their styles, which were on opposite ends of the spectrum (admitted up front by Laurice). Laurice prefers “vintage and classy”, while Brandon wanted “clean and modern”. They needed to be able to invite some guests to their destination wedding and a local reception, while other guests would be invited to just the local reception. What they didn’t want, however, was for the reception-only guests to feel second-rate.

The constraints

Because of the destination wedding, Laurice and Brandon needed invitations that would cover inviting guests to both the wedding and reception (to be held back at home), as well as guests that would be invited only to the reception and not the ceremony.

They also had a targeted budget for printing and wanted to know of ways in which they could cut the costs of postage with the various reply cards they would need.

The thought process

Knowing I had to combine somewhat opposite tastes in style, I immediately started thinking of things that represented old vs. new, or vintage vs. modern in this case.

The textured stock (click to enlarge)

I was immediately drawn to the idea of using texture to represent the old, as I think modern (today) is more about clean and smooth. I set off to one of my local print shops to see what textures they had in stock. Turns out, I found just what I was looking for. While it may be hard to see the detail, I was able to snag this nice and toothy stock at a decent price.

Once I had the texture down, I searched for vintage pattern samples to complement the paper’s feel. It was on a random trip to a local hobby-supply shop that I came across a vintage wallpaper pattern that became the source of inspiration for these invitations. Because I had the “old” part down, it was time to turn to the modern. Still thinking about clean and smooth, I choose exactly that in a typeface for the announcement portion of the invitation and reply cards. I chose to compliment a modern-looking typeface with a more traditional script typeface to help balance things out.

To accommodate both types of guests, I decided to use their 2 wedding colors in conjunction with the invitation to design two invitations, both with an elegant wedding-feel to them. Each would be distinctly different by color, so that the bride and groom could easily distinguish the invitations, while guests would be left feeling a part of the couple’s special day, regardless if their invitation was for the ceremony and reception or just the reception.

To help Laurice and Brandon with their postage, the invitation fits into the common A6 envelope, while the reply cards were made into a standard-sized postcard. This eliminated the need for additional envelopes and first-class stamps for the reply cards (postcard postage is only $0.35/stamp).

Working with a die shop, I was able to find a pre-made die that would allow an invitation design with a pocket on the inside. This would allow Laurice and Brandon to insert any additional materials guests may need, depending on the invitation they would receive. Guests invited to the ceremony could have destination/travel information in their invitations pockets while reception guests could have maps and other pertinent information in their invitation’s pocket. It seemed like an all-around great solution to my client’s dilemma.

The solution

In a nutshell:

  • vintage pattern on textured stock
  • old-school script combined with a modern sans-serif typeface
  • 2 invitations based on their wedding colors with a pocket to hold additional information


Laurice and Brandon's invitations
The invitations (click to enlarge)

The outcome

Laurice’s reaction said it all – “I gasped (in a good way) when I saw them. The colors look great together, the fonts go together really well and the graphics are clean and elegant just like I wanted…Brandon likes them, and so do I…This whole invitation process has been so easy and it all started with you. I can’t thank you enough.”

The project stayed on target, on budget and on par with client expectations; a great ending in our book. Here’s to wishing Laurice and Brandon the very best in their future together and thank you both for choosing Blue Eyes Design to be a part of that process.

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