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Photo Shoot: Ashley And David’s Wedding

Photo Shoot: Ashley and David’s Wedding

20130316-EJB_0364Every once in awhile there are those moments in life that make you stop and think about how far you’ve come. Sometimes, those moments are fortunate enough to include people that have been a part of your life for awhile.

On March 16, 2013 I had the privilege of kicking off the wedding photography season with Ashley and David. I’ve known Ashley since the second grade (or maybe that was kindergarden) and it was quite surreal to not only be such an important part of her special day, but to also shoot in the town we grew up.

The setting for the ceremony was at the old mill along the Cass River, which is now a lager mill. Yes, a lager mill; David likes beer. The reception was held down the street at Fischer Hall. A cold and snowy morning kept us all inside for most of the day, but it certainly didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

Some people may think that photography is as simple as buying an “expensive” camera and snapping away (oh if only this were true!). To me, photography is about capturing moments, like a still in your mind that you can pull out and look over whenever you want to remember that day. It’s about watching a family getting ready for the day, but catching a glance from mom and dad that says something more. It’s about watching the banters of sisters and cousins, all willing to embrace the growth that is about to take place. It’s about friends having a toast together while taking that next big step in life. It’s about creating a story, one that will forever be special to all who were a part of it.

20130316-EJB_0388Throughout the day I caught myself remembering different things that Ashley and I did growing up, playing those stills in my mind. And no, we weren’t always angels either (I know  our parents are nodding in agreement as they read this). What amazed me the most is that while we may not always be in touch, coming together for truly life-changing moments is a pretty cool thing. It feels like living inside a movie, where you look back and see how much things have changed, yet still remained the same.

To have been chosen to capture Ashley’s special day just added another great memory in the book of where I come from and I can’t wait to see where life takes them as a couple. Congratulations, Ashley and David, and thank you for allowing Blue Eyes Design to capture your memories. You can see more of their sneak-peek images on our Facebook page.


Note:  I also had the privilege of having a second shooter with me that day. Thanks to Justin at Justin Plough Photography, Ashley and David have some unique perspectives to add to their photo collection. This was my first time having an extra shooter along  and I have to say, it sure makes that 12+ hour day go a lot smoother. Thanks, Justin!

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